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  • Quality dental treatment with a Whole Body approach
  • We offer a wide range of healthy treatment options
  • Best solution for healthy, and beautiful, teeth and body
  • We offer Zirconia Dental Ceramic Implants, a metal-free alternative

An introduction to our practice, the Holistic Dental Arts Center...


Interactive Meridian Tooth Chart

Meridian Tooth Chart link

Our office specializes in state-of-the-art restorative and cosmetic dentistry to correct, restore, or enhance your smile to fit your own unique facial form. Our goal is to integrate aesthetics as part of total dental and overall health, while creating an overall pleasing and natural facial appearance.

Holistic Dentistry is a philosophy that recognizes that the teeth and associated oral structures are a part of the whole body. Because of this important relationship, we offer a wide range of healthy treatment options.

See our interactive Meridian Tooth Chart to learn how each tooth relates to the body.


Specializing in Safe Mercury Amalgam Removal


Dr. Zraiqat can safely remove and replace old mercury fillings.

He is one of only a few dentists in the United States that has dual certification for safely removing mercury fillings. He's SMART (Safe Mercury Amalgam Removal Technique) Certified by the International Academy of Oral Medicine & Toxicology (IAOMT) and certified in safe amalgam removal by the International Association of Mercury-Safe Dentists (IAMSD).

Next, read more about our Mercury Filling Removal and other services.

"Why should I choose Dr. Zraiqat?"


Dr. Ayman Zraiqat

Dr. Ayman Zraiqat has the experience and the credentials (that exceed most, if not all, dental practitioners in the area) to provide you truly holistic dental care and expert guidance. He takes a unique Whole Body approach to oral health care; combining sound dental science, technology, and experience with a deep concern for his patients' emotional well-being and comfort.

He is associated with a number of prestigious dental organizations, including:

  • Dr. Zraiqat Has More Than 15 Years of Experience Practicing Biologic Dentistry.

This Whole Body philosophy stresses the use of biocompatible dental materials whenever possible. Dr. Zraiqat also works closely with highly qualified health professionals to assist him in his efforts to return the patient to optimal oral and overall health. His Health-Centered, Patient First approach to holistic dentistry means that he treats the teeth, jaw, and related oral structures, with specific regard to how that treatment will affect the entire body.


Mercury-Safe Dentistry

Dr. Zraiqat is certified in the safe removal of mercury amalgam. We can safely remove and replace your old mercury fillings in no time! We strive to use the most biocompatible, metal-free, BPA-free materials suited for each individual.

Click to read more information about safe Mercury amalgam removal and our Mercury-safe dentistry practices.

Biomimetic and Homeopathic Dentistry

Homeopathic dentistry seeks cures that correspond with the natural laws of healing, which recognize the principle that mind, body, and spirit are interrelated. In addition, the body has the ability to heal itself with the aid of materials and methods that are nontoxic and have no side effects. With this belief, we treat weak, fractured, and decayed teeth to keep them strong and protect them from bacterial invasion. Homeopathy is integrated in our practice and we often use homeopathic remedies before, during, and after the procedures.

Click to read more information on biomimetics and homeopathic dentistry.

We now offer Zirconia ceramic dental implants!

Today, well over 95% of the dental implants placed are titanium alloys. Titanium is a metal, meaning it suffers corrosion. In addition, some people have a sensitivity or allergy to certain metails. To address concerns over titanium dental implants, zirconia ceramic implants were developed. Zirconia is very strong, hard, and has also been used for making crowns and bridges. Additionally, it was discovered that zirconia also fused to bone much like titanium.

Click to read more information on Zirconia ceramic dental implants and how they can benefit you.

Holistic Dentistry for the whole family

We provide personalized, relaxing dental care for the whole family using herbs and energy medicine based on quantum physics. Our practice also utilizes Dental Thermography for early detection.

Click to read more information on the interactive Meridian Tooth Chart and how each tooth relates to the body.

Periodontal "Gum" Disease

We can keep you smiling with gum disease prevention!

Click to read more information on dental ozone, herbs, biomimetics, and homeopathic dentistry.

Soft Tissue Laser

Lasers can reduce symptoms and healing times associated with traditional therapies, reduce the amount of bacteria in both diseased gum tissue and in tooth cavities, and control bleeding during surgery.

Cosmetic Dentistry

We offer Teeth Whitening and Corrective services.

Click to read more information on biocompatible materials and Clifford Testing.

ALF Appliance

ALF Appliance is a holistic method to align a patient's teeth and improve their bite without braces that has been shown to reverse the effects of poor facial development, facial damage caused by traumatic birth, TMJ pain, and more.

Click to read more information on ALF Appliance.

Holistic Daily Living

Dental Health

Below are 5 simple, yet effective, tips you can use today to improve your dental health:

  • Choose a toothpaste that's free of sodium lauryl sulfate.
  • Rinse mouth with warm sea-salt water and a few drops of clove or mint oil instead of mouthwash.
  • Try "oil pulling" by rinsing your mouth with a tablespoon of coconut oil for approximately 15 minutes, and then spitting out the oil. The antibacterial, antiviral, and antifungal components of coconut oil literally pull out any unhealthy microbes that may be hiding in your teeth and gums.
  • Invest in a tongue cleaner, a U-shaped tool that scrapes off any residue. If you constantly have a white coating, then consider taking probiotics to control internal yeast.
  • For teething in babies, mix clove oil with lavender, orange essential oil, and a bit of coconut oil. Using your finger, apply it to the gums. Put lavender on the back of the baby's neck and on the inside of the wrist. You can also rub the back with lavender or put some drops on the baby's pillow.
  • Avoid decay by taking minerals, Vitamin D & K, fermented and sprouted grains, coconut produce, Mānuka honey, probiotics, and avoid sugar!
  • Seek a holistic dentist to take care of your fillings. Mercury fillings can be unsafe and can cause a wide range of illness symptoms.

Overall Health

Below are 5 simple, yet effective, tips you can use today to improve your overall health:

  • Eat alkaline foods such as beans, and greens to help maintain a good body pH.
  • Get plenty of sleep and exercise daily to ward off whole-body inflammation.
  • Walk at least 3 times a week for 20 to 30 minutes. Keep your heart rate to 55% – 75% of your maximum heart rate (determined by your age).
  • Avoid pesticides in your food, your home and your yard.
  • Drink the amount of water equivalent to half your body weight in ounces each day. If you are not drinking water, you are not giving your body the resources it needs to flush toxins and stay healthy!


  • "My experience with Dr. Zraiqat has been absolutely amazing. I have put off going to a dentist for years because of a terrible experience I had years ago. I would have honestly preferred another major spine surgery than seeing the dentist, thats how terrified I was. Dr Z immediately put me at ease, he was so incredibly kind and patient in dealing with me. He is so knowledgable and truly CARES about his patients. I had several teeth pulled, an amazing cleaning with the ozone and had a temp. spacer made. I was blown away with the results. While the process of removing a couple of my teeth was pretty difficult, he was incredible in getting me through it. Robert, his assistant, was wonderful as well. They are a great team. I had clenched my teeth since I was a child, so I ended up with fractures and this past year had a major infection. I had been sick for months, literally felt deathly ill. I had zero energy, woke up with cold sweats nightly, etc. I was miserable. The doctors couldn't give me answers. I finally decided to address my teeth issues and the day after I had the problem teeth pulled, I woke up feeling like a new person. I cannot believe the difference. It is amazing the effect poor dental heath can have on your entire body. I am beyond grateful to Dr. Z and his office staff, they have all been amazing. I was so nervous anticipating a lot of pain after the numbing medication wore off, it was un believable, I had no pain following such a major procedure. The Ozone that was used during and after was incredible and helped with the healing. I can honestly say I look forward to going back. Never thought I would say that about a dentist. Please look no further, Dr. Z and his team are simply the BEST!"

    Michelle N.


  • "Dr. Zraiqat is the COOLEST dentist ever and definitely worth the drive (from inland empire)! This man really knows his field and you can respect his holistic approach. I drive out here for the ozone and the "cleaner" options he offers (BPA free, ect). The cleaning alone has been the smoothest my teeth have ever felt in my 20 years of having them life. I truly believe I've found a dentist I can trust."

    Theresa R.


  • "My cleaning was done with Ozone and I feel the procedure was done with great care."

    Andrea L.


  • "Dr. Ayman [Zraiqat] is the epitome of holistic. Rest assured your in good hands with an individual who is constantly providing the latest in cutting-edge technology dentistry. Dexterity at it's finest with emphasis on patients needs. A sympathetic doctor who goes above and beyond anything else I have experienced. Safe, Exceptional and Dedicated are three words can describe the practice they conduct at their facility."

    Simon A.


  • "Dr. Zraiqat and his staff are amazing. By far, hands down, this has been the best experience I've ever had with a dentist. He is an expert in holistic dentistry and the body. And he is so conservative that he saved a tooth that NO ONE else could or would try to save. Can't recommend him highly enough."

    Isabella R.


  • "The office is great. There are fountains and serene music playing. Care for health is thought through. Diet is questioned for good oral health by this dentist. I went into this office for a tooth that died biting into a pitless olive that had a pit in it. They used Ozone gas and water to clean the tooth area. Very thorough doctor. I'm so happy to find a dentist that thinks along the same path that I do for my oral health. This dentist has a great attitude along with his staff. Such nice people."

    Valerie T.


  • "I had a wisdom tooth removed and two fillings performed so far and I am very pleased with the results. Holistic Dental Arts provides a clean environment and friendly knowledgeable staff. The alternative techniques available are great."

    Anthony L.


  • "We had a good experience with the dentist and staff. They are very welcoming and knowledgable."

    Griselda G.


  • "Dr. Zraiqat has been able to help me improve my overall health. He's safely removed half of my amalgam fillings, using biocompatible materials. I trust him and his staff and... I was very pleasantly surprised by results from the ozone treatment. I used to dread teeth cleanings, but with ozone applied to my gums, they did not ache afterwards. I am thankful to have found Dr. Zraiqat and his staff because of how much they have helped me to improve my overall health, detox from mercury and repair years of dental neglect."

    Jennifer D.


  • "Doctor Zraiquat was very informative and genuinely seems to care. It was a pleasure getting my amalgams replaced with ceramics, not something I ever thought I would say about a dental visit. His dental assistants are also very nice and know their stuff. After going to his office I don't think I will ever go to another dentist. Some may feel skeptical about holistic dentistry, I know I was a bit. But they are using science, it's a whole body science and how it all works together. Yohandra the front receptionist was also very kind and a pleasure speaking with. The praise I am giving is truly a reflection on how my overall experience was. I get nervous around dental offices and needles especially. Dr. Zraiquat has awesome technique, that just gets it done fast and almost completely painless. I only felt a little discomfort for a second, phew. What else can I say, if you're looking for a dentist you can trust knows his profession and has the experience to back it up and has the best technique I've come across, then look no further!"

    Laurence K.


  • "DDS Experience, Education, and Certifications, etc. review: A+
    Front Office Staff: A+
    Back Office Staff: A+
    Therapies Explained by back office staff and doctor: A+
    Therapy Prices Explained prior to procedure: A+
    Therapy Prices: Very Fair
    Suplements Prior to procedure: A+, no DDS has ever offered me this!
    X-rays: Office has digital, perfect films done, the first time!
    Anesthesia injection by doctor: A+, hardly felt it!
    Preventive Care Prior to Procedures: A+, he utilized "Ozone", very reassuring to know he is cleaning the surgical field as much as possible.
    Precautions taken for Mercury Removal: A+, head cap, back mouth guard, O2 nose mask, front of face a vacuum like machine, mouth suction, H20 wash, etc., etc..
    Equipment for the Procedure: all at doctors hand by staff without delay.
    Pain Experienced with procedures: Zero!!!, so A+

    **Dr. Zraigat: verrrrrry knowledgeable about functional medical denistry, relaxed, down to earth, honest, skilled, an artist at his work who loves his work, very patient, a perfectionist, humble, so A++++

    With many symptoms of heavy metal toxicity over the years, and now taking the first step toward healing, I am now confident I am on the road to recovery....I am so thankful to have found Dr. Zraiqat who was recommend by another doctor to me in Orange County :)

    Would I refer someone: YES, without question"

    Steven W.


  • "Dr. Zraiqat has it all - he is knowledgeable, professional, passionate, dedicated and committed to doing everything necessary to ensure the dental health of his patients is of the highest quality and exceeds all standards. Best of all Dr. Zraiqat is compassionate - he really cares! Do you and your family a favor - go see Dr. Zraiqat and his fantastic staff!"

    David L.


  • "Hands down, best dental experience I've ever had. Simply put, Dr. Zraiqat is awesome. He and his wonderful staff are friendly, caring, and clearly committed to providing their patients with excellent care. I needed an extraction and was a little freaked out, but Robert and Dr. Z really put me at ease and the procedure was smooth as can be; it healed beautifully - no pain, no swelling. This was in part attributable to the addition of platelet rich fibrin, a service provided at HDA which I'm so glad I was able to avail myself of. Dr. Z also gave me a lot of great tips regarding supplements and natural holistic healing regimens.

    If you want a dentist who will treat you like a person, not a clinical specimen, and provide you with cutting edge services and the highest level of care - Dr. Z is your guy. I really can't praise the folks at Holistic Dental Arts enough!"

    Luke W.


  • "Today, I went there for a general check up and deep cleaning. I can say he's the best dentist ever. He is so patient and clean yet his customer service is the best... I highly recommend him. Go try him and ull love him as much as I did."



  • "I'm so glad to have found a holistic/biological dentist! I had heard about their approach to dentistry on the documentary called, "The Truth About Cancer."

    The office is very clean and I felt right at home immediately. Dr. Z is very knowledgeable about health and did not skip a beat when I mentioned that I have the MTHFR genetic mutation. He also gave me a second opinion on my 6 year old's supposed cavity. Dr. Z was able to let me know that there was in fact NO cavity in her tooth. Best consultation fee ever spent! If I had not sought a second opinion, my 6 year old would have been under anesthesia needlessly (also having one copy of the genetic mutation which prevents her body from detoxing efficiently).

    I look forward to continue to see Dr. Z for my dental health and am thankful to have found a dentist who sees the body as a whole and wants to prevent disease rather than cash in on it."

    Allison V.


  • "My first visit went very well. I've been wanting to check out holistic dentistry for years now, I've heard so many good things about this approach. I'm looking forward to my next treatment. Dr. Zraigat is very detailed oriented and will pin point right away all the things that you know have been bothering you and comes up with solutions to fix them. He believes that "a tooth should be fixed permanently so that you never have to come back with the same problem again." He is also very smart and honest. I will be Mercury free soon and hopefully pain free as well!! Thank you DR!!"

    Tasha R.


  • "I loved our experience, Vanessa at the desk was a calming influence during my ‘mom freak out’ moments. We got in, got the work done- and were treated humanely. I love the holistic approach and tangible things we were told to do to fight for oral health."

    Jaime S.


  • "Dr. Zraiqat is one of the smartest finest dentists you could hope to find. I've been to many dentists and he is the first one to address my dental allergies and start mitigating the inflammation and improving my whole health. If you have idiopathic inflammation, old root canals, autoimmune, or multiple chemical sensitivities he and his staff will take very good care of you!"

    Lorinda H.


  • "As a psoriatic sufferer, I needed guidance and a doctor who cares to put my health as a priority. I found this at Dr. Z's office. He has state of the art procedures, not to mention very advanced and up to date knowledge of current health issues that will surpass most of which one can research on their own. My dental experience was, is , and will continue to be very fulfilling. Vanessa who works the front house is a marvelous at communicating. She thoroughly explained my benefits and costs. Dr. Z is hands on, and his assistants are great and have superb skill sets themselves."

    Ryan S.


  • "I have been seeing Dr. Z for a couple of years now. He is one of the most nicest, caring dentist I have ever met! I usually get anxious and nervous around dentists but Dr. Z is really gentle and thorough. He really uses natural, holistic methods and his knowledge of holistic medicine is superior."

    Sara Y.


  • "Best holistic dentist I've been to! I love that he uses safe Mercury removal. He also saved me from a root canal with ozone injections. My family and I will never go anywhere else again. And his staff is amazing!"

    Summer C.


  • "So friendly and helpful. Great with my 3-year-old."

    Morgan K.


  • "So happy to have found Dr. Z! His staff from front desk to assistant and hygienist were nice, caring and efficient. I couldn't be happier and look forward to recommending him. His knowledge of holistic and integrative medicine is outstanding."

    Amy H.


  • "The very first time I visited Dr. Zraiqat, I was really concerned because I'm kind of person who doesn't go to a dentist at all. [He] walked me through the whole process on what he will do with my teeth slowly and clearly and he answered all of my questions and concerns. Actually, he helped overcome my fear towards going to dentists. His work is neat and he have smooth hands that will not make you feel the pain and definitely I would recommend him to anyone."

    Mohammed A.


  • "My friend went to see Dr. Ayman and she couldn't stop raving about how much she learned from him and how everyone should be going to a Holistic Dentist over a normal dentist. I admit at first I thought she was a little crazy until I started listening to what she was saying. I got curious so i decided go to for a consultation. When I was in there, he educated me on bolmimetic dentistry is, what ozone therapy does and how Holistic Dentists really focus on whole body health instead of just telling you to brush your teeth, floss, and not eat sugar."

    Obed C.


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